Nexudus Printing

Use ezeep and Nexudus to enhance your coworking space with smooth Nexudus printing

Nexudus is already a great platform for a coworking space. It helps any coworking operator manage their memberships, payments, event newsletters and together with ezeep, also helps automate Nexudus printing. When a coworker prints from his or her ezeep account, it’s automatically added as a product to their Nexudus Spaces account so that it can be easily included on invoices.

ezeep gives coworkers seamless access to printers while delivering control over printing costs to coworking spaces and shared offices – saving costs for operators and allowing coworking members to focus on the things that matter.

Nexudus and ezeep integrate into your coworking space in just a few easy steps. Your users can then print from any of their devices such as a PCs or Macs, from iPhones, iPads and Android devices or from Chrome and Chromebook extensions. They don’t even have to add printer drivers to their devices. Not losing time on figuring out which driver works on what device or operating system is one of the main reasons why coworking spaces choose ezeep. And with the unbeatable combination of Nexudus and ezeep being able to track and charge for Nexudus printing, you’ll have one less complication to worry about and can get back to growing your coworking space.

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