Everything You Need for Print Management in One Easy-to-Use Platform

Stop fiddling around with the complicated administration of print servers, printer drivers and end devices. ezeep allows you to set up and manage printers and users via an intuitive web interface. Easily define printer access and visibility for individuals, groups, guests, or your entire organization.

Make Printing From Any Device a Breeze

Enable users to print in no time at all from Windows PC, Mac, Chrome, iOS or Android devices. Our ezeep apps deliver a beautiful mobile printing experience for iOS and Android. Mac and Windows users print right from their desktop applications without the need to install printer drivers.

Enjoy Secure Printing and Protect Documents at Every Stage of the Print Process

ezeep is designed around modern security and privacy principles to safeguard documents while printing. Industry-standard security measures ensure our infrastructure and software are secure and compliant with EU-GDPR, while Pull Printing provides document confidentiality for admins and users.

Connect and Manage Any Printer – No Need to Install Printer Drivers

ezeep ensures smooth and reliable printing to any kind of printer without the need to install printer drivers. Just sign up and connect your printers with just a few clicks, such as:

Network printers
Mobile printers
Home office printers
Public shared printers
Label printers
Point-of-sales printers

With our Zapier integration, you can even automate printing and print processes.

Print Sustainably And Control Waste

As an environmentally conscious company, we do our utmost to foster CO2-neutral printing and the conservation of resources.

Offsetting the carbon footprint

We’re offsetting the CO2 caused not just by our own printing volumes, but also our customers’ printing volumes by our support of the justdiggit.org initiative.

No more waste of paper & toner

ezeep makes an end to the huge amount of forgotten, uncollected printouts. Our pull printing option makes sure that the printout will only be released when the user scans a QR Code at the printer.

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