Remote Desktop Printing

ezeep simplifies and speeds up printing in remote desktop environments

With the Terminal Server or Remote Session Host, you can make applications simultaneously available to many users. The challenge with printing comes from the fact that these users are both remote and mobile. They also want to print to the appropriate printer wherever they are.

With ezeep as your printing solution for remote desktop environments, you can allow such flexibility while reducing the burden on your infrastructure. This is because with ezeep, print management and print job preparation take place in the cloud. This unburdens remote desktop servers from printer driver problems and rendering processes.

The printers are addressed on site either via a Windows or MacOS connector, typically in the home office. For branch offices, the ezeep Hub is recommended. It ensures that local print servers are no longer needed and administration-free branch offices, also in terms of printing, can finally become a reality.

Even when users access their remote desktop session via a web client, they print in the usual way thanks to ezeep.

Especially when it comes to remote desktop printing, the output speed is crucial. That’s why ezeep is one of the few cloud printing solutions that consistently uses streaming. By starting print output immediately, ezeep prevents users from triggering print jobs multiple times.

Easy administration of printer drivers in remote desktop printing environments

Remote desktop printing with ezeep offers you:

  • Serverless print management
  • A Self Service Portal for users
  • Reduced support requests
  • The fastest print output
  • A lower burden on application servers
  • Less network traffic thanks to optimal compression
  • A consistent printing process regardless of how users access the remote desktop
  • Printer Profiles: resource-saving default printer settings for smoother printing processes and lower printing costs

With ezeep, you get an innovative printing solution for your remote desktop environment. However, you can also use ezeep flexibly in other environments, for example with Azure Virtual Desktop. ezeep has been designed from the outset to be open for all future developments.