Windows Virtual Desktop Printing

Windows Virtual Desktop is the multi-user Windows 10 version offered exclusively on Azure by Microsoft. Together with their selected partners, Microsoft is thereby advancing cloud-based desktop technology even further. ezeep has been chosen by Microsoft to make printing with Windows Virtual Desktop possible.


ezeep is building the bridges required to move existing on-premises printing infrastructure into the cloud. ezeep for Windows Virtual Desktop is the ideal combination of ThinPrint’s scalable technologies with ezeep’s proven simplicity. This will form the basis of ezeep’s future development.



ezeep is essential for Windows Virtual Desktop

All printers, including network printers, become remote printers with Windows Virtual Desktop running on Azure. Because the desktop operating system is no longer dependent on a typical desktop device, you can use Windows on various devices, like smartphones, tablets, Macs and Chromebooks, or simply start your session from any browser. ezeep ensures a reliable, fast, and easy-to-use printing experience – all according to enterprise standards and without compromising user flexibility.


ezeep for Windows Virtual Desktop ensures secure and easy connectivity to existing print environments and smooth printing from any device.


  • Enterprise-grade print management
    The easy-to-use web console lets you centrally manage your print environment without ever having to worry about print data security, failover, printer drivers or print server operation.
  • Scalable, highly available by design
    ezeep’s cloud-native platform running on Azure is designed to grow dynamically with usage and distributes workloads across multiple nodes. The challenging task of sizing and scaling print servers becomes a thing of the past.
  • Plug & play connected network and branch office printers
    Because any printer is now a remote printer, there needs be a very simple way to make those printers accessible to the users. The ezeep Hub appliance is perfect for this purpose. Just plug it into the network and all printers will become immediately available.
  • Easy to use and seamlessly integrated
    ezeep is seamlessly integrated with Azure Active Directory so no additional user sign-up is needed. Users see a printer icon as they would normally and can print as expected. An intuitive self-service portal even allows users to create their own print settings.
  • Supports your legacy Windows 7 desktops
    Windows Virtual Desktop comes with the option of free Windows 7 Extended Security Updates, so it’s a wise decision to migrate Windows 7 desktops to Azure. ezeep will support Windows 7 and Windows 2012 R2 to guarantee a smooth transition.
  • Get rid of your print servers
    ezeep goes beyond Windows Virtual Desktop and supports any other office printing use case, like mobile printing, guest printing or printing from your local applications on PC or Mac. With ezeep you will never need a print server again.
  • State-of-the-art security
    ezeep is built based on the highest security standards in compliance with GDPR. ezeep is a member of the privacy shield framework.



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Powered by ThinPrint

Powered by ThinPrint

ThinPrint, with 20 years of continuous development and internationally patented technology, is the leading provider of print management software and services for businesses. Its product lines ThinPrint and ezeep deliver unbeatable print performance to over 30,000 companies in any modern workplace scenario.