Simple & Powerful Printing for Companies of Any Size

ezeep is perfect for simple but powerful, central control of printing, printers and users via the cloud.

Set up and manage printer access centrally

Connect your print infrastructure from several locations to the cloud and manage everything centrally. Printers and user access are managed across branches and locations from one cloud interface. Changes to access rights require no changes to users’ devices or changes in print drivers. Staff and visitors can print easily and independently in line with all rules, without you supporting printer setup and driver maintenance.

Centrally control users and reduce printing and print volume

Centrally manage and control all users that need to print, whether they are visitors or staff, and let them connect to the right printers independently. Flexibly define print rules and limits once without having to reach out to every user or changing drivers or apps on devices. Reduce color printing, print volume and per page costs and save time administering printing in your company.

Monitor printers, printing and printer status

ezeep manages your printers and shows you alerts. Information about low toner, paper jam or an offline printer are available so that you can act quickly. See what users and groups are printing the most in what locations and which printers are not used.

Enable mobile and tablet printing

Work happens on mobile devices. Let your staff and visitors print from tablets and phones – securely and easily.

The magic of ezeep is that it’s so easy to use. I don't waste time on setting up and finding the right printer anymore.

ezeep's driverless feature is a fluent and easy way to welcome new users to the space and connect them to the printer. Now I have the info of who prints and how many prints are made and that's it. It's just what I need.

ezeep is a straightforward solution – I don’t understand why every printer doesn’t come with a service like this built in.