Campus Printing Made Easy

ezeep is the most intuitive and best-designed software for mobile printing and driverless printing for your campus.

Make printing easy and intuitive

Nobody wants to install print drivers and use complicated apps or print management software. Printing doesn’t need to be difficult, inexplicable or limited to desktops.

Intuitive driverless printing

Eliminate complicated driver setup and the recurring hassle. Anyone can print intuitively from their devices without pages of instructions or support.

Beautiful mobile and tablet printing

Work and learning happens on mobile devices. Let staff and students print from tablets and phones – securely and easily.

Flexible rules that manage printing

We give you flexible and powerful print rules, limits, quotas and a payment system to control printing across your entire campus and user base.

The magic of ezeep is that it’s so easy to use. I don't waste time on setting up and finding the right printer anymore.

ezeep's driverless feature is a fluent and easy way to welcome new users to the space and connect them to the printer. Now I have the info of who prints and how many prints are made and that's it. It's just what I need.

ezeep is a straightforward solution – I don’t understand why every printer doesn’t come with a service like this built in.