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Much more than deferred printing, Print Later makes it possible to pick up print jobs at a later time. It also offers you a simple way to use printers that aren’t currently connected to your device.

Possible Scenarios

  • Print from your home office and later release the print jobs to any printer in the corporate office.
  • Print from your workstation and later release the print job to a Wi-Fi printer in another office, when visiting a customer, or in a hotel. Basically, any place where printers are available via Wi-Fi.
  • Print from your virtual desktop session and release the print jobs on your local Wi-Fi printer.

Hybrid work environments and the need for far greater security are driving many new print management requirements. Can smartphones, which have become true all-rounders, contribute? Yes, with ezeep’s Print Later, you can leverage your employees’ smartphones to minimize IT administration tasks and increase security. At the same time, you create entirely new printing options.

How Print Later Works

Print Later on iOS device
  1. Users only print to one printer queue, AnyPrinter by ezeep Blue, whether from their desktop or mobile device.
  2. The print output does not occur right away but only once the user is at the printer. When the user is ready, they simply open the ezeep Blue Printer App on their iOS or Android device and click Release.
  3. Now the user can choose the printer they want to use. It can be a network printer assigned by ezeep Blue or a printer that happens to be on the same Wi-Fi network as the smartphone. This way is a really convenient method to use printers outside your network.

At the same time, you create a certain degree of failover because the user can still change the printer during the process, for example, if it has a paper jam.


  • Simplified printer management with low investment costs
    Thanks to the AnyPrinter by ezeep Blue flexible printer queue, management and assignment of printer queues is completely eliminated. In addition, no special printers, NFC readers, barcodes, or expensive additional devices are required.
  • Address any printer in the same network via a smartphone
    Using the ezeep Blue Cloud, any mobile device can address any printer in the same network. This printer can be in the home office, a printer in a hotel, or a printer on-site with a customer. To do this, users choose the Wi-Fi tab and scan the network for existing printers. Once the desired printer has been chosen, all that needs to be done is to select the corresponding printer model in the ezeep Cloud, and the printout starts.
  • Easy mobile session printing
    In addition, this also makes it very easy to print from a remote session. To increase security, it makes sense to restrict access to an employee’s private PC as these PCs are usually not managed by the company and do not meet the company’s IT security requirements. The smartphone route offers a flexible and secure alternative in these scenarios. If the session itself takes place on a smartphone or tablet, then this is known as Mobile Session Print.