Effortless and Scalable Printer Management

Regardless if your company is a large enterprise or small business, simplify your printer management with ezeep Blue’s powerful Admin Portal. View and manage all available printers in all networks from one tool remotely, and forget about maintaining print servers, scripts, installing drivers or software. ezeep Blue ensures all your printers are up-to-date, ready to use and that your users have the correct default printer settings thanks to Printer Profiles.

Insightful and Detailed Print Monitoring

Stay in control of your printing environment with print monitoring and user management features. Gain valuable insights into print usage and activities in real-time, and more efficiently manage user access rights, printer assignments, and printing quotas.

Secure and Flexible Print Management for Hybrid Work

With the all-in-one AnyPrinter by ezeep print queue, print jobs are held in the cloud and printed when the user is ready at any printer via Print Later or securely released at the printer via ID card or smartphone. This improves the security of printed confidential documents, reduces paper waste and handles dynamic flex desk scenarios with ease.

Uncompromising Print Security

ezeep Blue’s robust print security ensures strict compliance with international data protection guidelines. We prioritize the security of your printing environment through SSL/TLS encryption, secure cloud storage and GDPR compliance, ensuring that data is protected at rest and in transit.

The Top Features at a Glance

Here is an overview of the key features which simplify printing in large enterprises and small businesses.

Intuitive User Management

Manage printer access for groups, individuals, guests and your entire organization. Users can easily select their own printers with the My Printers feature, empowering users and saving IT admins time.

Go Driverless with Cloud Rendering

ezeep Blue can render print jobs in the cloud, eliminating driver management, compatibility problems with printers and just about all the complicated things about printing.

Secure Pull Printing

Cut down on paper waste and protect confidential print jobs by releasing print jobs at the printer with RFID cards or by scanning a QR code.

Dedicated ezeep API

Deliver printing as a service for SaaS! Integrate our printing solution into apps with the ezeep Blue API to easily manage backend printing.

Perfect for DaaS

Whether for Citrix, Azure Virtual Desktop, Microsoft Cloud PC or more – ezeep Blue is the perfect fit for DaaS thanks to seamless integrations and dedicated remote desktop agents.

Easily Synced with Identity Providers

Apple, Google, Microsoft and Microsoft Entra ID – ezeep Blue supports a wide range of identity providers.

Sleek Printing Apps

ezeep Blue’s print apps for iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Chrome ensure seamless printing from any device.

Multitenancy for MSPs

Easily manage multiple tenants (i.e., customers) with completely separate configurations. Switching from one customer to another takes just a couple of clicks.

Trusted by Companies Worldwide

ezeep Blue’s reliability and effectiveness have earned the trust of satisfied customers from various industries. Here’s what some of them have to say:

ezeep along with Zapier has enabled us to automate printing of various emails and attachments. ezeep has also made printing offsite easier- no VPN is required!

We’re using Zapier to send signed prescriptions from our medical clinic to our pharmacy, with ezeep printing the signed prescriptions in the pharmacy. Previously, pharmacists would have to manually check for new prescriptions and print them, also manually. The result was that sometimes prescriptions were missed before the next-day-delivery collection time if it was a busy day

David Kennett, Operations Director

Thanks to ezeep the headaches of printer management have significantly decreased.


How long does it take to set up ezeep Blue?
It usually takes just 30 mins to create a test environment and print a test page over ezeep Blue. While it does vary depending on the use case, it is thereafter a question of how many additional users and printers you need to add to your ezeep Blue account – users can then download their print app and they are good to go.
Will ezeep Blue work with my printers?
You can connect printers to ezeep Blue via two ways: Install the ezeep Connector on a Windows PC/server where your printer is installed or connect an ezeep Hub to your printer’s network. All printers connected via the ezeep Connector will work providing the correct driver is installed on your PC or server. As the ezeep Hub renders print jobs in the cloud using one of our 6,000+ cloud-hosted print drivers, you may need to try a similar driver (e.g. Epson XP 4100 instead of Epson XP 355) if you don’t see your model in the ezeep Admin Portal. Alternatively, contact us and we can add it to our driver pool. Testing and uploading the driver usually takes 2-3 weeks.
How much does ezeep cost?
ezeep Blue offers four flexible plans, starting with a completely free plan for up to 10 users. More information on our plans can be found at Pricing and Plans. We are confident that ezeep delivers a quick return on your initial investment and offer a free ROI calculator on our website.
Do I need physical hardware, like print servers, in order to use ezeep?
Aside from the printers and end devices, not necessarily. Our ezeep Hub is capable of replacing any on premises print servers which you operate and wish to retire.
Where are your servers located?
Our servers are provided by Microsoft Azure and are hosted in Ireland. Further details regarding data residency and compliance can be viewed here:
Have a different question?
Feel free to contact a member of our team via our contact page.»