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Connect your ezeep Blue account with Archie to easily track and charge for printing billing in your workspace.

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One Integration for Centralized Print Management, Billing and Tracking

  • Grant automatic printer access for new members and sync Archie members with ezeep Blue
  • Set print pricing and automate the billing process for each print job
  • Say goodbye to manual invoicing
  • Changes made in Archie, such as user permissions or printing configuration, automatically reflect in the ezeep Blue platform, ensuring a consistent and efficient workflow.

Benefits for Workspace Operators

Printing is an essential service members expect – why should it be complex or frustrating to maintain?

With ezeep Blue you can provide a printing service to your members which you can easily track and charge for – an easy way to increase revenue with minimal hassle.

Save time by reducing manual tasks and manual invoicing. By automating billing, you can concentrate more on your member experience.

Gain valuable insights and control over printing usage. Identify high-volume users and implement cost-saving measures, such as setting black/white as standard, if desired.

With ezeep Blue, members print securely too, thanks to secure print job release at the printer, as well as print data encryption.

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Benefits for Your Workspace Members

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All too often, printing frustrates your members who just want to work. Make it effortless with ezeep Blue and Archie.

Eliminate time-consuming printer administration and complex network configurations. ezeep Blue allows members to print seamlessly from their laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

Our print from anywhere technology provides convenience, allowing members to print on the go and pick up documents at their designated printer when ready.

Users also benefit from transparent and automatic billing whilst also reducing time spent troubleshooting printing, reducing distractions to their member experience.

Getting Started

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How it Works

Log in to your Archie dashboard and activate the ezeep Blue integration. Once your ezeep Blue account is connected, your can sync Archie members with ezeep Blue and set printing prices directly from Archie.

You will need an ezeep Blue account and to register your printers with ezeep Blue.

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Documentation and Support

This integration is built and maintained by Archie.

For more information on how to configure this integration, please consult either the ezeep Blue Knowledge Base or the Archie Help Center.

Create Your ezeep Blue Account Now

Make print management frustration a thing of the past. ezeep Blue is free to use for up to 10 users, so open your free account today.