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Streamlined Printing for Coworking Spaces with ezeep and Spacebring

Spacebring, formerly Andcards, is a comprehensive automation platform for coworking spaces and is now seamlessly integrated with ezeep.

Grant and revoke access to printing automatically based on member subscriptions

Customize print permissions based on specific user plans

Track member printing, establish limits and set prices for your members

Smarter Print Management That Doesn’t Eat Up Your Time

Traditional print management takes too long, is too complicated and needs regular maintenance and monitoring.

Streamline and automate printing tasks with ezeep Blue’s integration with Spacebring!

More efficiency for staff: Grant printer access in a few clicks and spend less time switching between different tools

Print monitoring: One-click reports help you to keep track of member printing and to make quicker and well-informed decisions

Automated Billing: Utilize member allowances and automated billing to collect payments without any manual hassle


Make Your Members Happier

Compatibility issues and the inability to print all affect your member’s experience negatively.

The ezeep Blue integration with Spacebring stops members from struggling with printing, keeping them more satisfied and more productive.

Instant and reliable printer access from day one with all the printer settings they need

Printing that just works from any location and from all types of devices, such as Macbooks, Windows, iPads or even smartphones

Users don’t need to install printers or printers drivers on their devices thanks to the ezeep Blue print apps

How it Works

Log in to your Spacebring dashboard and activate the ezeep Blue integration in Settings. Simply log in with your ezeep admin credentials when prompted to do so. Thereafter, when onboarding new members with new plans, you can select which ezeep printer group they should be added to.

You will need an ezeep Blue account in which your workspace printers are connected.

Don’t forget, we offer special pricing for coworking spaces and educational institutions.

Documentation and Support

This integration is built and maintained by Spacebring. For more information on how to configure this integration in Spacebring, please consult the Spacebring documentation.

For more help configuring printers with ezeep Blue, consult our knowledge base or reach out to a member of our team.