Introducing Printer Statistics

The goal of our Dashboard has always been giving printer owners like you smart statistics about your print infrastructure and activity. With smart, we mean useful and distilled statistics which enable you to take data-based decisions about cutting printing costs without browsing endless tables with too much numbers in it.

We got great feedback from our customers about what’s actually useful in terms of statistics and we’re currently working on some new and exciting reporting features. Today, we’re releasing the very first small part of that.

On your Dashboard you’ll now see basic informations about activity on your printers under the big box. Each printer with print activity in the given month is represented as a tile with statistics about the total pages printed to it. You can also see how much of those pages have been printed in color or black & white. Furthermore, the tiles are ordered by usage with the most left tile being the most used printer.

Just head to your own Dashboard and enjoy some new numbers. This also works back in time so you can see statistics about your printers in all the recent months too.

Stay tuned for a lot more coming to your Dashboard.