All-Round Care with ezeep Managed Account Services

Let us manage, monitor and maintain your ezeep services and use the cost savings to achieve your relevant business objectives. We ensure that your cloud printing environment is always up-to-date and that your users can print easily.

Why ezeep Managed Account Services

Limited IT staff and tight budgets often lead to under-managed services in businesses, resulting in performance issues and security risks. In addition, managing services in-house is both costly and time-consuming.

Simply let our dedicated service professionals take care of your ezeep account. We offer you:

    • Access to highly-trained ezeep engineers who bring an impressive level of expertise to a company, enabling you to scale your resource coverage while containing costs.
    • Complete remote management of your Connector, including installation of printer drivers and printers
    • Hands-off management of your ezeep account
    • Automatically added to VIP support level for faster responses and always the highest priority

ezeep Managed Account Services Include

Account Configuration Management – Configure Printers, Users, Groups and Policies

  • Creating and deleting groups based on customers’ requirements
  • Creating, renaming, configuring and deleting policies
  • Maintenance of printer information
  • Updating organization address upon request
  • Configuring Single Sign-On upon request

Concierge Services – Any ezeep Related Requests, Including:

  • Importing initial users, assigning them to groups and setting billing codes
  • Proactive troubleshooting
  • Providing job history and analytics
  • Providing print tracking and usage reports
  • Assistance via phone and e-mail between 10am-7pm ET

Local Printer Management – Perform Necessary Steps to Configure & Maintain the Connector

  • Detecting printers on the network
  • Installing printer drivers and printer queues
  • Installing the ezeep Connector and verifying its correct functionality
  • Installing ezeep Hub security updates

ezeep Customers Only Need to:

  • Create an ezeep account and provide us with the credentials
  • Invite users, add to groups, and delete users
  • Set billing codes (if needed)

ezeep Managed Account Services can be added to any annual ezeep subscription for as little as $50/month. If you are interested, just contact us.