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Get started right away and benefit from direct IP printing without any administrative effort.

When opting for local printing without a print server, i.e., direct IP printing, it usually comes with a high administrative burden. Not so with ezeep Dash. With ezeep Dash, your users can easily and quickly print locally while the print environment is effortlessly managed through a cloud portal. Create users, define printers, and assign them to individual users or user groups. Done!

The ezeep Dash User Assistant handles the installation of printers on users’ PCs and Macs. It downloads the appropriate printer driver from the Cloud Printer Driver Store based on the model and operating system used by the user.

ezeep Dash bietet direktes IP Printing ohne administrativen Aufwand


  • Benefits Easiest print management: Direct IP printers can be set up and managed in a few simple steps within the cloud console.
  • No manual setup on PCs or Macs: Users can simply print without any hassle.
  • Effortless printer distribution: No group policies, scripts, or servers are required.
  • Printing without internet connection: The printing process takes place 100% locally. Therefore, your users can print at any time, even if the internet connection is disrupted.
  • Easily scalable by adding users or user groups, as well as printers.