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Cloud printing solutions have so far mainly connected printers with users. However, print rendering takes place directly on site. Either on the user’s device or else on a server in the company. ezeep is the first cloud printing provider to offer a solution where print rendering takes place entirely in the cloud, i.e. cloud rendering.

Cloud rendering avoids problems with printer drivers

What is rendering?

Print rendering combines all the complicated and often resource-intensive processes required for a specific printer to understand the data generated by an application. When rendering, a print job is translated into a printer-specific format with the help of a printer driver. Instructions on how the document is to be printed (for example, in color and duplex) are then transmitted to the printer.

Why ezeep cloud rendering?

Printer drivers use rendering to ensure that a wide range of printers, each with individual properties, can be printed on. But printer drivers also cause many problems, for example, if they’re not compatible with each other. That’s why ezeep renders print jobs entirely in the cloud. This eliminates all the problems associated with printer drivers. Virtually all existing and new printer models can be easily used.


  • No printer drivers – neither on users’ PCs and Macs nor on a print server.
  • An end to costly printer driver management at corporate headquarters and branch offices: Admins no longer have to deal with the availability and compatibility of printer drivers for the modern workplace. Also, there is no need to maintain and manage local resources.
  • In branch offices, the completely maintenance-free ezeep Hub replaces costly and maintenance-intensive print servers.
  • ezeep cloud rendering can be used in a variety of ways, whether for mobile printing, printing with thin clients, or in server-free print architecture.