Print Management for Higher Education and Universities

Is your print system too expensive, time-consuming or out of control?

Eliminate print servers and printer drivers, leverage print metrics and granular policies and ensure reliable printer access for students and teachers with ezeep Blue

Efficient and Secure Follow Me Printing

Secure Print Management for Higher Education

ezeep Blue’s AnyPrinter is tried, trusted and versatile. With ezeep Blue you minimize the risk of confidential student records and research data falling into the wrong hands. ezeep Blue also significantly reduces expenses on paper, toner, and energy, while lowering your university’s or college’s environmental impact.

With seamless printer access and a universal print queue, students and teachers don’t have to worry about which printer to select and can print effortlessly from any device and location, minimizing disruptions to education due to print-related help desk tickets.

Eliminate Print Servers, Driver Management, Scripts and VPNs

ezeep Blue goes further than just optimizing print output at your university. Achieve huge cost savings by eliminating the need for expensive print servers and VPNs. This transformation doesn’t require complicated onboarding either – the ezeep Hub onboards all existing printers automatically with the cloud in minutes.  

With no more scripts and less on-premises hardware to manage and maintain, print management is no longer the error-prone, time-consuming frustration it used to be. Printing becomes more reliable, and downtime is reduced.

Print Tracking and Control Made Easy

Remote print monitoring with ezeep

Finding it hard to keep an eye on printing across all faculties and users?

With ezeep Blue you can easily make data-driven decisions to accurately identify and reduce unnecessary or inefficient printing practices with our in-depth reporting dashboard with one-click reports

Utilize our powerful integration capabilities to charge for printing, establish more precise budgeting and increase accountability across different locations.

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Key Features

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Printing That Just Works

All too often, printing is frustrating and unreliable. Cloud rendering ensures students and teachers can print effortlessly from any device and location.

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Sustainable Printing

By leveraging ezeep Blue’s optimized printing technologies, like AnyPrinter and Printer Profiles, you ensure print jobs are always duplex, black and white and only printed when the user authenticates at the printer.

The ezeep hub

The ezeep Hub

The ezeep Hub is small, low-energy appliance which eliminates driver management, print servers and server maintenance. Simply plug it in to the network to turn existing printers into cloud-ready printers.

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Secure Pull Printing and More

Data security is a top priority at ezeep. With features such as pull printing, comprehensive encryption technologies, Cloudflare and more, ezeep Blue offers a robust solution for modern universities to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks, ensure compliance with data protection guidelines and to maintain the integrity of your school’s information systems.

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