Print from 5000+ Apps with Zapier and ezeep Blue

Instantly connect ezeep Blue printing with thousands of apps.

Zapier and ezeep have teamed up to allow you to print with the apps you use. You can use any of the more than five thousand apps on Zapier and integrate printing as you need, flexibly and independently. And because it’s so easy, you no longer require developers to write complex code for you. 

zapier ezeep blue

What is ezeep Blue?

ezeep Blue is a cloud-based print management solution which small to large enterprises use to more easily manage their print infrastructure. IT staff can manage all printers and users in all locations with one tool. At the same time, ezeep Blue leverages the power of the cloud to allows users to print from anywhere – from any device and any printer.

What is Zapier?

Zapier allows you to create automated workflows which connect your apps with ezeep Blue. In each “Zap” you define which event in your applications should trigger an action. When you turn your Zap on, it will trigger the action every time the trigger event occurs.

An examples of a useful automation with Zapier and ezeep Blue is triggering the print output of shipping labels to a remote printer in your warehouse. This can occur automatically each time an order is placed in your ordering system.

How to Automate Printing with ezeep Blue and Zapier

You can create your own Zaps easily – follow our guide in our Knowledge Base if you run into difficulties or get in touch with Zapier or us.

Alternatively, simply choose one of the prebuilt Zaps, like the ones below.

Users are continuously creating new ezeep Zaps to make printing even easier, and you can find the full list of apps that have already been connected for printing here.

Customers Using ezeep Blue and Zapier

Catering Company Prints Automatically with ezeep, Zapier and the ezeep Hub 

Automated Prescription Printing for Healthcare Company