Print From Thousands of Apps with ezeep’s New Zapier Printing Integration

Need a Zapier printing option? ezeep now offers you thousands of scenarios for your printing workflow needs.
Need a Zapier printing option? ezeep now offers you thousands of scenarios for your printing workflow needs.

Hasn’t the way we work changed so much in the last few years? For many of us, we’ve moved away from traditional programs installed on our desktop PCs. We now work in a world of apps on our various end devices. The great thing is the competition between apps which offers us the very best service and all available in just a few clicks.

That’s one of the reasons why ezeep is becoming so popular. An entire print management service at your fingertips, regardless of the devices that users are working on or their location. But as powerful as individual apps are when you combine their synergies, you really begin to open up a whole new level of productivity.

Making Things Even Better for ezeep Users with Zapier

That’s why we’ve been working hard on joining forces with Zapier. You’ve probably heard of them, but here is a quick rundown on how things work. Zapier is an amazing tool that easily connects the apps you use. You can then create automated workflows based on triggers and actions.

These triggers can be nearly anything. A customer making a new Amazon order for example, or a sales team member completing a deal. Or even something as simple as a new lunchtime order at a cafe. For these triggers, you can then set up any number of actions. The customer ordering on Amazon has their data saved in FreshSales, and their delivery label is automatically printed. The sales employee has the contract printed instantly for signing. And lunch orders sent by email are printed right away at the cafe, meaning nobody goes hungry.

You can easily create your own zap linking ezeep with an app you already use. Alternatively, take a look here at the zaps already created by others. Some other Zapier printing examples include:

  • Print new files in Google Drive with ezeep 
  • Print new labeled Gmail emails with ezeep and send Slack notifications 
  • Convert new emails into ezeep print jobs 
  • Print new rows from a Google Sheets spreadsheet with ezeep 
  • WooCommerce shipping labels can be printed with ezeep 
  • Print Evernote Notes with ezeep 

An Infinite Number of Zapier Printing Scenarios

There are still so many cases where we need a document printed as a hardcopy. And having that seamless Zapier printing integration with the apps you work with saves so much time and stress when dealing with printers. With your ability to create automated workflows around the apps you use, you no longer need developers to write complex code for you. You can scale things up, add new apps, use one-off workflows, or link everything up, as you need, flexibly and independently.

Need Help Getting Started?

We’re so proud of the work we’ve accomplished to integrate ezeep printing and Zapier. We hope you have plenty of uses and ideas about how you can enable automated printing in your business. However, if you have some questions about how ezeep would work for you in this context, or if you have any other printing issues you want to discuss with some experts, we’re on hand to answer your questions here.