Automated Prescription Printing for Healthcare Company with Zapier and ezeep

The UK-based company Optimale specializes in testosterone replacement therapies. Patients diagnosed with testosterone deficiency require a prescription for their medication. To improve work processes and customer satisfaction, the company has now fully automated printing these prescriptions thanks to ezeep and Zapier.

Automated prescription printing for healthcare company with Zapier and ezeep

“We’re using Zapier to send signed prescriptions from our medical clinic to our pharmacy, with ezeep printing the signed prescriptions in the pharmacy. This means that our pharmacists can immediately dispense and process them. Previously, pharmacists would have to manually check for new prescriptions and print them, also manually. The result was that sometimes prescriptions were missed before the next-day-delivery collection time if it was a busy day,” said David Kennett, Operations Director at Optimale.

Zapier is a web service that allows tasks to be linked between different web applications via what are known as zaps. ezeep has been integrated with Zapier since around mid-2021. This means that all apps available in Zapier can be linked to ezeep so that automated printouts are possible from any of these apps. Creating such zaps is very simple and does not require any programming skills.

“Optimale is a great example of how print processes can be automated very easily with the help of Zapier and ezeep,” said Jean Sawden, Sales Manager at ezeep’s owner ThinPrint. “This allows workflows to be significantly simplified, including improved customer service.”

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