360 Overview of ezeep’s Integration with Cobot – On Demand Session

In this session Robert and Amanda present how the integration between ezeep and Cobot works, demonstrating how easy it is to manage your workspace and enable your members to print.

This starts from the admin perspective:

login, sync, creating policies, inviting users to print; and continues from the user perspective: receiving the invitation the print, accepting, creating the account, selecting the document and printing.

Furthermore, with a FAQ section we do our best to answer the most asked questions, such as:

  • Do I have to make changes across multiple platforms for members that change quickly, such as for drop in members / hot-desking?
  • Are invoices automatically sent to the members, or should I send them?

Last but not least, we show a few tricks, such as enabling follow me printing – a secure way for your members to activate a print job via their RFID card or email at the printer.

About the Presenters:

Robert Piporan is Customer Success Manager at ezeep and Amanda Wolf is Head of Support at Cobot.