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Cloud Printing: Everything You Need to Know

December 18, 2019

Everything you need to know about cloud printing. From what it is, the problems its can solve to how you can start using it at home or professionally. Read More

5 Reasons to Switch to Enterprise Cloud Printing

November 26, 2019

What exactly are the benefits of enterprise cloud printing and why should companies be making the switch? ezeep's CEO, Christoph Hammer, explains why in this video. Read More

The Benefits of an Enterprise-Grade Google Cloud Print Alternative

What is Google Cloud Print and which alternative to Google Cloud Print is best suited for professional use? Read on to learn the benefits of an enterprise-grade cloud printing service. Read More

The Truth Behind Coworking Spaces and Corporate Workplaces

June 4, 2019

The modern workplace involves people working and collaborating to get projects done. We at ezeep believe that coworking is a kind of evolution of the ordinary workplace. And the leap is actually not as big as you might think. Read More

Why Will ThinPrint Be Using ezeep Technologies for WVD Printing?

May 24, 2019

To provide the printing solution for Windows Virtual Desktop, ezeep and ThinPrint are teaming up. In this video, ezeep CEO Christoph Hammer explains the thinking behind this decision. Read More

Having Problems Printing From Windows Virtual Desktops? ezeep Has the Solution

May 15, 2019

In light of the upcoming release of Windows Virtual Desktop, IT-admins will have to face new printing challenges. ezeep CEO Christoph Hammer is at hand to help and explains in this video how to setup printing for Windows Virtual Desktops. Read More

How Coworking Spaces Generate Revenue with Printing

Printing is an essential feature when it comes to coworking. Space operators are faced with the question of how to offer printing that is easy to manage, but that also meets their own revenue strategy. Find out how some of these revenue models look like in a article. Read More

Cloud-Managed Print Management

Free yourself from time-consuming administration. With ezeep Dash your entire print management is taken care of in the cloud. The video shows how you can easily deploy printers with no policies, scripts or servers needed. Read More

How to make money with printing

Virtually every shared workspace offers printing to their members and guests. Not because it draws a crowd or sets your space apart from the one next door – it is simply expected. ezeep’s Cloud Service for printing shows you how you can make money with printing. Read More

ezeep enables mobile printing for Citrix ShareFile

With ezeep, users of the Citrix solution can safely and comfortably print their documents in the company with iPads, iPhone or Android devices. Read More

Printing in Coworking Spaces – First Annual Report

ThinPrint Cloud Services as the leading cloud based provider for printing in coworking spaces, has a unique insight into printing needs. A closer look into anonymized reports offers coworking space operators an opportunity to plan printing costs and improve the service they offer their customers. Read More

Cloud Printing or Traditional Printing?

This infographic summarizes why it is smarter to have a cloud printing service handle your printing. Read More

Reducing Printing Costs for Coworking Spaces and Business Centers

With ThinPrint Cloud Printer and ezeep you can reduce printing costs easily. Find out more in this video. Read More

Easy Printing for Guests & BYOD

Discover the challenges of guest printing as well as the benefits of ThinPrint Cloud Services. Read More

Printing in Coworking Spaces More Important than Coffee

According to Deskmag, printing is more important than coffee for coworking space users. Learn more and download an infographic. Read More

Printing in Coworking Spaces

According to Deskmag, printing is more important than coffee for coworking space users. It is also a major pain point for coworking space operators. Have a look at this infographic to see for yourself and find out how you can print without hassle and easily provide print services to your guests and customers. Read More

Gartner named ezeep “Cool Vendor”

Today we have some great news to share with you about our cloud print management service. We're very happy to announce that ezeep has been named a Gartner "Cool Vendor" in the “Imaging and Printing Services 2014 Report” by Gartner, Inc., the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company. Read More

Enterprise Print Management Software-as-a-Service

Traditional enterprise-grade print-management software doesn't have the best rep. If you're an office worker, especially in a large organization with complex IT infrastructure, you've more than likely experienced that sinking feeling between hitting CTRL + P and the document actually printing out. Somehow, despite the very best efforts of IT departments to deliver a seamless experience, this most-basic office function is full of fear and loathing. Read More

University Students Benefit from Mobile Printing

The cloud-computing buzz has finally reached the education sector. Just like any other industry, they are motivated by the same technological developments and trends. To achieve optimum flexibility on college campuses, many students, faculty and administrators work and operate on their smartphones, tablets and laptops. Read More

How Printing Problems Affect Your Productivity

My IT knowledge is better than average. I work for a tech company, although not in a tech position, but I've learned a lot through proximity. My brother is a sys admin, and he's always helping me out when I have IT issues. Most of my days are spent with super-techy colleagues, and they would consider my IT-skills below average. But when I'm hanging out with my friends, most of whom aren't in IT, I'm considered incredibly smart. So it really depends on the perspective that you take to figure out if someone has basic IT-knowledge or not. Read More

Powered by ThinPrint

Powered by ThinPrint

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