Community Stories

Take Part in Our Survey: Desktop as a Service and Cloud Printing

February 18, 2021

Are you already using modern workplaces and cloud printing? Do you have any reservations? Take part in our desktop as a service and cloud printing survey. Read More

Smart Working for Hotels – A New Market?

November 3, 2020

Smart working for hotels is a significant new trend in the hospitality industry. Due to COVID-19, hotels are fast discovering this new market. Learn more about this lucrative segment. Read More

Coworking Europe Podcast: How Is the Coworking Community Doing?

July 16, 2020

On the Coworking Europe podcast, Christoph Hammer and Jean-Yves Huwart discuss how the coworking community is dealing with corona, and how we can look forward to the future. Read More

Workspace Software Integration Map: Printing with Nexudus, Cobot, Habu, Optix & More

July 9, 2020

Hector Kolonas has come up with a really useful interactive map of integrations between flexible workspace software. See how software providers complement each other’s coworking offerings and how printing fits into the picture. Read More

The City of Corona Uses ezeep for Azure

May 25, 2020

The City of Corona, California, opts for ezeep for Azure to deliver easy printing with Windows Virtual Desktop and to ensure business continuity. To watch the video and find out more, head to our stories page! Read More

The State of Coworking in Times of the Corona Pandemic and Beyond – A Survey

May 18, 2020

In our April 2020 newsletter we asked space operators to participate in a little survey about the state of coworking. What we were most interested in was what you are currently doing and how you see this pandemic change the immediate future of coworking. We have summarized our findings for you. Read More

Office Print Industry Coronavirus Insight – Quocirca Report

April 24, 2020

Louella Fernandes, Research Director at Quocirca recently authored the first report on the impact of COVID-19 on the office print industry. Find out what trends in the cloud, digital workflow, and collaboration areas are creating opportunities during the crisis. Read More

“Thanks to Coronavirus, It Hit Us Full Force” A WVD Project Report

April 20, 2020

Our IT department were tasked with setting up Windows Virtual Desktop. We talked to our colleague in his home office about his experiences. Read More

Remote Coworking: Teamwork Outside Coworking Spaces

March 23, 2020

The coworking industry has been hit particular hard by the corona virus. More and more spaces are closing their premises. Nobody knows for how long. But how can space members quickly get the infrastructure needed for teamwork up and running, i.e. remote coworking? Read More

Coworking Marketing Funnel: How You’ll Conquer Online Markets

February 11, 2020

With competition intense in the coworking sector, you need to make sure your efforts are focused on the tasks that matter. In this guest blog post, Sergey Aliokhin from Andcards, a modern platform for coworking spaces, explains how to create an effective marketing funnel and significantly increase your number of coworking members. Read More