White Papers

10 Tips to Lower Your Printing Costs

January 17, 2022

When we think of printing costs, we spontaneously think of the cost of toner and paper. But there are many more factors that influence costs. Our checklist will help you to uncover cost drivers and tap into savings potential. Read More

How to Detect and Close Security Gaps in Your Printers

January 4, 2022

Sensitive data is often processed, stored and output on printers. Without appropriate security measures, these complex printing devices can be used as a gateway into the corporate network. Our checklist helps you to identify and close common security weaknesses. Read More

Find The Right Cloud Printing Solution For Your Business

November 9, 2021

More and more businesses are considering cloud printing. And many organizations wish to move their printing infrastructure to the cloud. To help businesses find the right cloud printing solution, we have designed a checklist that can be downloaded free of charge. Read More

Google Cloud Print: How To Easily Replace It

December 4, 2020

FREE WHITEPAPER: Google Cloud Print will end its service on December 31, 2020. Therefore companies, organizations, and educational institutions need to quickly look for a suitable cloud printing alternative. Our whitepaper shows how easily and sustainably you can replace Google Cloud Print with ezeep. Read More

RDS from the Cloud: Deploy Windows Virtual Desktop

April 17, 2020

Windows Virtual Desktop is Microsoft’s cloud service for virtualization desktops and applications. Unlike traditional Remote Desktop Services (RDS), users don’t have to worry about the necessary infrastructure. This white paper shows you how to deliver desktops from the cloud. Read More

Azure Virtual Desktop – Why Businesses Should Prepare

December 4, 2019

This white paper helps companies introduce Windows Virtual Desktop. Everything you need to know – from security and licensing to migrating existing desktops and printing in the Windows Virtual Desktop environment. Read More

A Paper-Free Future? The Environmental Impact of the Workplace of the Future

November 26, 2019

This white paper looks at printing against a background of changing environmental awareness and workplace technologies. It examines the CO2 footprint caused by printing and compares it with modern technology. This is the only way to definitively answer the question of how sustainable printing is. Read More

Printing in Coworking Spaces

September 9, 2019

This whitepaper highlights the difficulties coworking operators face in providing print services and shows how cloud-based printing puts an end to the hassle with printer drivers and the many other inconveniences of printer management. Learn how ezeep’s market-leading print management for coworking spaces and business centers allows operators to customize printing to their needs. Read More