White Papers

Cloud Migration for Printing

January 27, 2023

When migrating to the cloud, printing should be considered too. A cloud migration strategy which doesn’t consider printing can easily fail, or at least lead to costly problems and lower user adoption later down the road. Read more

ezeep Blue for Coworking Spaces and Education

November 2, 2022

This e-brochure offers information about ezeep Blue and what advantages it brings for coworking space operators. Read more

Azure Virtual Desktop – Everything You Need Know

October 26, 2022

This whitepaper offers information about the many Azure Virtual Desktop aspects and why businesses should be prepared for it. Read more

Printing for Android Devices for the Enterprise

July 19, 2022

In this e-book you will get an overview of the different use cases of printing for Android devices. Read more

Printing for iPads and iPhones in the Enterprise

July 15, 2022

In this e-book, you'll get an overview of the different use cases of printing for iOS devices. Read more

Zero Trust – How To Securely Integrate Printers

July 4, 2022

In our e-book, you will get an overview of zero trust and how companies can easily integrate printers into this kind of environment. Read more

Printing with Tablets and Smartphones for Businesses

July 4, 2022

e-Book on Mobile Printing Security and Efficiency for Tablets and Smartphones in the Enterprise - Download Now! Read more

10 Tips to Lower Your Printing Costs

January 17, 2022

When we think of printing costs, we spontaneously think of the cost of toner and paper. But there are many more factors that influence costs. Our checklist will help you to uncover cost drivers and tap into savings potential. Read more

How to Detect and Close Security Gaps in Your Printers

January 4, 2022

Sensitive data is often processed, stored and output on printers. Without appropriate security measures, these complex printing devices can be used as a gateway into the corporate network. Our checklist helps you to identify and close common security weaknesses. Read more

Find The Right Cloud Printing Solution For Your Business

November 9, 2021

More and more businesses are considering cloud printing. And many organizations wish to move their printing infrastructure to the cloud. To help businesses find the right cloud printing solution, we have designed a checklist that can be downloaded free of charge. Read more