7 Top Tips: Managing Printing With Your Mobile Device Management

Management Printing

Regardless of whether you’re in administration, logistics, construction, healthcare, or almost any other industry, documents must be printed physically to bridge silos, connect with people, or document workflows.

ezeep has partnered with Cortado Mobile Solutions to show the benefits of a professionally managed print environment for mobile applications alongside the benefits of “App Config”.

In this webinar, we will use the print app ezeep Blue to show how MDM can be used to define, deploy and maintain detailed configurations for mobile apps on iOS and Android.

You will see the rollout, configuration of printer options, and maintenance of the ezeep Blue app via Cortado MDM in an interactive demo after covering some of the “App Config” basics that you can apply to other apps in your mobile environment.

What to Expect

  • What are Managed Configurations or AppConfig? Why are they useful?
  • How it works: Mobile Android and iOS printing with ezeep
  • Use cases and applications for App Config and mobile printing
  • How to: Print management with MDM

Managed Configurations

Webinar Infos

Date: October 25, 2022, 1:00pm EST

Speaker: Henning Volkmer, Technical Customer Advocate