The Abs Company Offers Flexible Remote Printing for Their Employees Who Work On The Go

Organization name: The Abs Company
Sector: Health & Fitness

The abs Company Logo

What Eleni Gagnon, Director of Operations, Has to Say

The Abs Company is in the Health & Fitness industry. We manufacture and sell fitness equipments to commercial gyms, wholesalers and direct to consumers.

What would your customers say makes ABS Company special or attractive?
“I believe our customers would say that all of our products are unique and innovative. You cannot find any product like ours anywhere else.”

About Printing

What were the challenges with printing that made you look for a solution?
“Now that the majority of our team is working remotely, we were having issues printing our shipping labels from home with ease. I was looking for a better option to print remotely from our ERP system.”

What is important to you when it comes to printing?
“That we can print remotely and easily.”

What would the ideal print experience be?
“Being able to print like we are now with ezeep. The printer is listed and we just select it!”

About ezeep

Why did you sign up for our service?
“I was looking for a solution to print remotely. I researched a few other companies, but I couldn’t work with most due to the fact that I am working on a Mac. ezeep was the solution for us. Additionally, I found the costs of the service to be very reasonable.”

Which benefit or benefits are most valuable to you or you?
“The benefit that my operations coordinator can now print remotely from home. We can receive her labels and pick/pack them up for shipping.”

What has been your experience with setting up ezeep?

We had some difficulties getting set up, but I was able to connect with your coworker Justin who provided a great customer experience. He took the time to set up a video call with me so he could dig in and see what was going on. When he needed to go back to his team, he always followed back up within 1-2 days. He was patient and kind. One of the best customer services experiences I have had in a long time. I would recommend ezeep to anyone struggling with remote printing.