Cloud Migration for Printing

Almost all companies are migrating some or all systems to the cloud to deliver greater flexibility and scalability.

When migrating to the cloud, printing should be considered too. A cloud migration strategy which doesn’t consider printing can easily fail, or at least lead to costly problems and lower user adoption later down the road.

This E-Book explains how IT staff migrate all on premises print infrastructure to the cloud with ezeep Blue and the ezeep Hub. By choosing this strategy, companies benefit from these advantages:

  • A more scalable and flexible print management solution
  • Reduced hardware requirements on users’ end devices
  • Improved printing integration with applications
  • Fewer local attack vectors in the print infrastructure
  • Easier and cheaper management of branch offices

And more. Download the free E-Book to learn more.

Cloud Migration

What’s Inside

  • What does Cloud Migration involve and what strategies are used?
  • Why you should migrate print infrastructure to the cloud
  • How to implement ezeep Blue