Cloud Rendering – What Is It & Why It Makes ezeep Unique?

With cloud rendering, print jobs are prepared in the cloud.
With cloud rendering, print jobs are processed in the cloud.

How Printer Drivers Challenge Us

Printing would be so easy if it wasn’t for printer drivers. But they do exist, however. They’re important as they ensure that printing can be done on an almost unmanageable number of printers. Add to this fact that they all come with their own individual characteristics. As a result, this is why approaches are rarely fully implemented by the printer manufacturers. Even if they come from such established suppliers as Microsoft or Apple.

In the future too, printer manufacturers want to prove through fair competition that they offer the best printing solution. As a result, individual printer drivers will remain with us for a while. Speaking of time, printers last astonishingly long. So, all innovations and updates will have to deal with the current fleet of printers for several more years.

ezeep and Printer Drivers

The goal of ezeep is to make printing as easy as a phone call. This, of course, includes dealing with printer drivers. This is why many solution providers hope that a printer will understand standard formats like XPS or PDF. If not, then that the print job can be converted locally into the target format via a connector. But is that still cloud printing? Yes, and ezeep also offers this option. But we also know that this requires local resources and these need to be managed. Finally, in this scenario, the actual printing process takes place locally again. Therefore, the right hardware must be available and maintained.

What is ezeep Cloud Rendering?

Print rendering is basically all the complicated and resource-intensive processes required to deal with the data generated by an application for printing. This data must then be understood by the selected printer. As a result, the printing device must not only know what content to put on paper. It also needs how to do it. In other words, the printer must understand whether to print in color or black and white, single or double-sided, which tray the paper must come from, and so on.

Cloud rendering saves companies from having to worry about how to do all these things. This is how ezeep takes the complexity out of printing. As a result, users only need to decide what to print and how to print it.

Perhaps the easiest way to understand this is that with ezeep, even with a standard PC or Mac, you don’t have to manage printing on your local device. Consequently, this is not only exciting for companies that want to support many users in their environment and provide them with optimal working tools. It’s also really useful for small groups in business and private environments without technically experienced members.

ezeep Cloud Rendering and Its Many Applications

But it gets really exciting when you consider which further scenarios all of a sudden become possible. And with almost no additional workload:

  • Mobile printing: This can be printing from mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones or tablets. It offers perfect support for mobile workers. For example, field staff, area managers in retail, construction managers on large sites, logistics staff and many others.
  • Deployment of thin clients: These devices have long been a familiar sight in the desktop virtualization area. But just as we all have to adapt to new working conditions, many more companies will discover the benefits. These include workstations that don’t store data locally but still allow employees to work as they would on a normal Windows PC. Particularly exciting here are devices that can easily convert existing computers at home workstations. And all without affecting employees’ private data or mixing private with corporate data.
  • Eliminating print servers: If drivers are not needed locally, then the administration of drivers on employees’ workstations be dispensed with. But this is not the only advantage. The administration and operation of print servers and the associated costs can also be eradicated. These are simply replaced by cost-effective, centrally managed ezeep hubs. Another option are printers with a built-in ezeep Connector. As a result, you have much more cost-effective, easy-to-manage enterprise print infrastructure. And to boost, an infrastructure that matches the quality and performance of a traditional set-up.

Printing – Easier Than Ever

More than two decades of experience with ThinPrint, the Cloud Printer product and close cooperation with the community has paid off. As a result the ezeep team has overcome the many hurdles surrounding the complex topic of printing and cloud rendering. For example, eliminating compatibility problems with printer drivers. This has allowed ezeep to develop a powerful, scalable solution.

Thanks to ezeep, users can effortlessly use all the features of their printer. And all without IT having to deal with the topic of printing.