Customize How People Print (Coworking Space Quotas)

Many leaders within coworking spaces have been asking ezeep to help them curb coworkers from printing with wild abandon—as it turns out, when given free reign, coworkers sometimes enjoy printing-out lots and lots of documents.

(There’s a certain beauty in product-development feedback loops: real-life people use ezeep’s service and, especially when we have close relationships, help us improve by offering constructive feedback. We get better and better, while their satisfaction soars. Isn’t it nice in life to have a win-win situation like that?)

Positive parenthetical note aside, leaders in coworking spaces have lately been sending us emails much like the following: “We operate a don’t-take-the-p$ss policy, but recently that’s just stopped working. In five days, 5,000 pages were printed—that’s just crazy.”

Many leaders in coworking spaces ultimately prefer to keep printing free for all, but also have a strong inclination to keep it fair. We found a way to resolve both those interests in a single setting.

If you’re a leader in a coworking space, here’s how to set a limit on free printing: 1) Go to the settings page for your printers’ user groups. 2) Under free printing, find the option to set a limit on how many pages people can print per day, week or month. 3) Optionally, you can set a small fee that allows people to continue printing after they’ve hit their limit.

If you’re an ezeep end user, you’ll always be able to see how many remaining pages you can print until you hit your limit. You’ll also be able to see if you can continue printing once you’ve hit your limit, for a nominal fee.

While it was the coworking segment of the ezeep community that inspired us to create a printing-limit option, all sorts of organizations can benefit. Maybe you’re a big company and want to encourage people to print when it really counts, but not all the time. Or maybe you’re a university and want to let students print, but only up to a certain point. Whatever the case, ezeep’s got you covered. Promise.

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