Consistent but non-intrusive notifications are served to users on mobile and desktop if and when necessary to ensure awareness.

Print rules let you define and customize how users are allowed to use printers and let’s you define defaults if you want to offer greater flexibility.
Printing rules are flexible and automatically applied and updated across all clients for all users.

Key Features

  • Central and flexible administration of all print rules via the ezeep web console
  • Enforce rules for groups or individual users like mono, duplex, page limits and much more
  • Define default print job settings like auto mono or auto duplex
  • Users can view what printers are available to them and what they can print


  • Reduce print volume and waste without alienating users with intrusive pop-ups or workflows
  • Reduce per page costs simply
  • Rules are flexible and automatically updated across all end user devices without making changes
  • Reduce the environmental footprint of printing

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