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With print rules, you can control how mobile users are allowed to print, thereby easily reducing printing costs, for example.

ezeep’s print apps for Android and iOS support managed app configurations. With these advanced managed configurations, we provide you with additional options to the current features available in the ezeep Admin Portal. This is based on the Managed Configuration Standard of the AppConfig Community. With this, you can predefine a variety of print management functions for users or restrict access to functions that users should not have. This makes it easier for users to use the ezeep app.

Managed App Configurations


  • Define app default settings for iOS and Android users: Enable or disable color printing for mobile users, enforce duplex printing, prevent direct printing from apps, Wi-Fi printing, or deleting print jobs. You can find more managed configurations here.
  • Integrate ezeep apps seamlessly into common MDM systems such as Cortado MDM, Microsoft Enterprise Mobility, JAMF, Meraki, Soti, or Sophos. Configure the apps using your MDM solution and distribute the managed configurations to your users.


  • Reduce your printing costs and decrease the ecological footprint of printing by setting print rules such as duplex or black and white printing for Android and iOS users.
  • With managed configurations, you can easily restrict functions that are not desired by the company for users to use.