Cloud-Managed Printing with ezeep is secure. Files sent to our server are sent over an encrypted connection. Files are deleted from our server as soon as a printout is successful. Nobody in ezeep’s office can access or see files printed via ezeep’s cloud. All files are sent over https, which means the communication is encrypted from an end user’s computer or mobile device to the server, and from the server to the client. Printers can be password protected so that only specific users can print to them, as well as setup so that only people with network access can print.

Key Features

  • Our servers are located in Germany and as such subject to incredibly strict data protection laws
  • All client-server communication relies on SSL encryption
  • End user authentication via AD/LDAP or ezeep user accounts
  • Files are deleted immediately after they have been successfully printed. Files are only processed for printing and cannot be viewed by anyone at any time.
  • A fully PCI compliant payment system


  • Peace of mind as we apply strict rules and best practice around all software development and distribution related to security and manage internal network security closely
  • The product offers added document security with password protected printers and integration with hold-release printing systems

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