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Introduce a secure and modern print environment with ezeep’s easy-to-set-up pull printing solution with AnyPrinter. A straightforward user authentication workflow ensures that documents are only printed once the user is at the printer, reducing data loss and printing costs.

With ezeep’s cloud-based pull printing solution, printouts are not output directly to a selected printer with the print process. Instead, print jobs are held in a secure printer queue in the cloud (AnyPrinter) until the user is at the printer of choice and can receive the printouts in person. Once the user authenticates at the printer or multifunction printer, contracts, payrolls, or other confidential documents are printed.

How it Works

Thanks to a variety of ezeep Blue print apps, users can print files confidentially from any device – PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, or smartphones. To authenticate at the printer or multifunction printer, they use their iOS or Android device or an RFID card:

Print job release via Smartphone

  1. When printing, the user selects the printer AnyPrinter by ezeep.
  2. The print job stored in the cloud can be securely released at any time on the network printer of choice using our modern print apps for iOS and Android. If desired, the user can still adjust settings such as color, duplex, or orientation.
  3. In the list of print jobs, the user confirms the desired print job by selecting Release and scans the QR code attached to the printer. Now the confidential printout starts.
Pull Printing

Print job release via RFID card

  1. During the printing process, the user selects the printer AnyPrinter by ezeep.
  2. After a card reader has been connected to the ezeep hub, any RFID cards – e.g. employee or trade show badges – can easily be used to authenticate and release the print job at the printer.
  3. The first time an RFID card is used for pull printing, an activation code is automatically printed. This code is entered to register the card at The card is then ready for use.
Secure pull printing via authentication at the printer with RFID card


  • Pull printing for all devices: The pull printing function is part of the user-friendly ezeep Blue printing apps for Windows PCs, Mac devices, Google Chromebooks, and mobile devices (iOS and Android)
  • Set up in no time: In the ezeep web console, any user groups are easily enabled for secure printing, and the QR code is generated to be attached to the printer. Alternatively, an ezeep hub with card reader can be set up in minutes so that users can authenticate themselves via RFID card.
  • Secure and authorized printing made easy: Print jobs are stored in the secure pull printing queue AnyPrinter by ezeep until users personally release them.


  • Highest Level of Security for the Output of Sensitive Information

Authentication at central printers and multifunction printers allows only authorized users to access and print sensitive or confidential documents. Data leaks by unauthorized persons are avoided with Pull Print. Encrypted data transmission from the client to the printer provides additional security when printing sensitive documents.

  • Easy Integration and Management of Secure Printing

The scalable, secure printing feature integrates seamlessly into any print infrastructure and connects easily to existing access control systems. Users, printers, and only one virtual print queue are conveniently managed in ezeep’s user-friendly web console.

  • Print Sustainably and Reduce Printing Costs

Secure pull printing eliminates unnecessary printing and printouts left in the output tray. This makes it easy to reduce wasted paper, cartridge, toner, and energy. In addition, personal printers for management, legal, or HR departments are no longer necessary. The result: pull printing has a positive impact on the environmental balance and significantly reduces your printing costs.To find out how ezeep, as an environmentally conscious company, is committed to CO2-neutral printing and the conservation of resources, click here »

  • Follow Me Printing for the Modern Workplace

In the age of hybrid work and flex-desk printing, assigning specific printers is time-consuming and no longer feasible. With the AnyPrinter printer queue, you can easily reduce help desk calls and give users the freedom to collect their documents from the next available printer, whenever they are ready and regardless of location.

  • Vendor-Independent Printing Solution for All Printing Scenarios

ezeep’s cloud-based pull printing is suitable for printers and multifunction printers of all manufacturers, regardless of model or hardware equipment. Users print securely from their Windows PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, smartphones, and tablets.