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ezeep Blue’s user management allows you to define printer access and visibility for groups, individuals, guests and your entire organization. Defining printer access and visibility is flexible and automatically updated across all clients for all users.

Key Features

  • SSO integration with dedicated sign in options through Microsoft, Google, or Apple
  • Invite users simply by clicking on their e-mail address.
  • Create groups via Email ID and bulk import from a spreadsheet or CSV file
  • Simply create groups and add users to them. If you want to add a large number of users to a group, you can create a rule to automatically add each new user with a specific email domain to the group of your choice. If you use Azure AD, simply use Azure AD group synchronisation.
  • Assign users the role permissions “User” or “Admin”, depending on which rights they should have.


  • Easily sync your existing user management system with ezeep Blue
  • Centralized management of printer access across your entire organization
  • Manage permissions and access to printers for all devices your organization uses to print