Retailer Optimizes Label Printing in the Warehouse

Etikettendruck im Lager

Many of our customers come from the retail sector. In this industry, label printing is not a nice-to-have, but of crucial importance for the efficiency and accuracy of warehouse operations. This was also the case for one of our customers. Here, label printing was running so glitchy and slow that warehouse workers were in despair.  

The Problem

Before ezeep Blue was implemented, the warehouse team was struggling with the inefficiencies of the Windows printer redirection system. There were recurring glitches, and the speed was slow. These inefficiencies affected the printing of shipping labels from ZebraDesigner, especially when warehouse workers generated print jobs manually via RDS sessions. Print jobs were awkwardly sent to Zebra label printers via standard redirected Windows printers. It was immensely important to ensure consistent and smooth print output here.

The Solution

After discussions with the company’s IT administrator, ezeep Blue was implemented. The solution streamlined the printing process by eliminating the cumbersome Windows redirection, giving warehouse workers a more efficient way to print labels via their RDS sessions.


With the introduction of ezeep Blue, warehouse workers experienced a simpler, faster and more reliable printing process. Seamless integration with Zebra printers ensured that shipping labels printed smoothly and quickly. The overall efficiency of warehouse operations were improved as a result.  

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