Shared Office Space Provider PrimeWork Gives Clients Access to Printers with Minimum Hassle

Organization name: PrimeWork
Sector: Shared/Flex Office Space Provider
Location: Brooklyn and New Jersey, USA

PrimeWork uses ezeep for printing


PrimeWork is a shared/flex office space solution provider. Our goal is to create a perfect environment for each of our clients to excel and succeed. We accomplish this by truly understanding our client’s vision, brand, goals and overall business model first. Then the incredible and creative PrimeWork team gets to work curating the perfect space for our clients. We currently operate over 40K sq ft of prime space which houses a variety of office suite sizes to accommodate any client in any business sector.

Each location also houses a shared space which includes multiple different style conference rooms, multiple lounge areas, full-service cafés and much more. Additionally, all of our spaces are all-inclusive, including but not limited to: mega speed Wi-Fi, printing, cleaning, technical and mail services. The PrimeWork team ensures that every detail is considered and handled on our client’s behalf and we maintain this throughout the entirety of their lease. When a client uses their space at any of our locations, they can solely focus on growing their business, while we take care of the rest.


As PrimeWork is an all-inclusive service, our biggest struggle regarding printing was to find a program that would allow each of our clients, as well as all future clients, access to our printers with minimal hassle. With each company operating a unique way and using many different types of devices, this was a challenge from the get-go and something we needed to take care of in a proper and most efficient way.
Our clients need to operate their business with zero interruptions, therefore the two most important factors are compatibility and ease. So, we needed a program that would link each of our clients, regardless of their infrastructure, to our printers with no hassle.


During our research for the right program we came across ezeep and they checked off most of the boxes, but we soon came to find out that the scope of functions was far greater than we initially realized. As we grew and our clientele became more diversified, there was no problem that ezeep couldn’t handle. The simplicity of the user interface is tremendous and a major benefit to PrimeWork and our clients.

What Avi Orlansky, Founder/CEO, has to say

We offer an all-inclusive flex office space solution, so to partner with companies like ezeep makes our job so much easier. When a client has a question about the printing setup (which they always do) we can confidently assure them that all their needs will be met and exceeded.