NEW: ezeep Now Offers Printer Queue Management & Printer Failover

June 21, 2020

Once again, the ezeep developers have been working hard on bringing you new features. This latest update focuses on printer queue management and printer failover. This has some unique advantages for your print environment. It ultimately reduces your workload and positively impacts users’ productivity. So, we’ll now start by finding out what ezeep’s printer queue management can achieve.

ezeep is an optimal solution for dealing with the challenges of printer queue management. This printer failover feature means that users consistently print, no matter what is happening in the print environment.
This update makes ezeep an optimal solution for dealing with the challenges of printer queue management. This printer failover feature now means that users can consistently print, no matter what is happening in the print environment. 

Has it ever happened to you that when a printer is unavailable, users often require additional assistance? That’s why when you now make changes to printer assignments in the ezeep admin portal, they are instantly applied to users’ devices.

Examples of Where Printer Queue Management and Printer Failover Make an Impact

This is really helpful as users no longer need to log out and then back in. User also don’t have to even reset their settings when printer changes are applied. For example, when a printer breaks and the replacement comes online, you can simply remove the assignment of the previous printer and add the assignment for the new one. Within a few seconds, all users can print again. 

Another great example would be a service team member getting a call from someone who can’t see their printer right then. The service team member simply adds the assignment for the user. The printer then shows up on its own – problem solved quickly and easily. Users can get back to work, and admins back to dealing with more pressing issues. 

An Extra Benefit: Printer Failover

If you want to take advantage of this new feature, make sure the latest print app and connector are used. You can find the links for both here. Have any questions on high-availability printing, printer failover or queue management? Simply drop us a line at and we’ll get back to you shortly.  

Not yet an ezeep Customer?

We hope that our hard work on this new feature pays off. On the one hand for you by reducing your workload. On the other, for your company by reducing printer downtime. Thinking about trying out ezeep in your environment? Then the free trial is a great place for you to start – no cost, without any risk and with full support from our team.

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