Free Quocirca Cloud Print Services, 2021 Report Excerpt

Quocirca conducted a survey among senior IT managers with responsibility for printing in their organization and published the results in the Cloud Print Services Market Landscape, 2021 report. Download our report excerpt to view details of the survey and the Quocirca’s opinion and evaluation of our product.

Key Findings

While already underway before the pandemic, organizations accelerated their transition to cloud services. The reason for that shift is the importance of speed, agility, and resiliency. 

Quocirca finds that before the end of 2021, 83% percent of organizations will move more than half of their IT infrastructure into the cloud while 43% will become fully cloud-based.

Figure 5, Quocirca Cloud Printing Services Landscape, 2021: “How do you see your usage of cloud-based print job management changing between now and 2025?”

Security is one of the key concerns for IT organizations. Printing is no exception to that.

According to the Cloud Print Services Market Landscape, 2021 report, only 21% of IT decision makers feel confident about the security of their print environment, which represents a drop from 33% before the pandemic. One reason for the decrease in confidence are employee-owned printers in home offices, which 32% are concerned about. 

Participants in Quocirca’s survey confirm that the shift to cloud printing will continue. Today, 37% of organizations already use some form of cloud print management. By 2025 this number is expected to grow to 67%. 

Quocirca Recommendations

For maximizing benefits from using Cloud Printing, Quocirca recommends to select solutions based on seven criteria:  

  • Serverless or hybrid solution to lower costs and overhead 
  • Multi-tenant platform for better scalability, security and lower costs 
  • No VPN requirement for best flexibility and accessibility 
  • Secure Document handling by using compression and encryption 
  • Identity access and multi-factor authentication 
  • Native driver support to utilize most or all of the features of high-end printers 
  • Reporting and analytics capabilities to monitor usage and control costs 

Download our Quocirca Cloud Print Services Market Landscape, 2021 Excerpt.

How ezeep Fits In

Traditional on-premises print infrastructure is complex, expensive and, due to the lack of consistent utilization, inefficient. Cloud print services, like ezeep, are an increasingly attractive remedy.

As a cloud-native SaaS print platform, ezeep fits well in this trend as it allows organizations to remove on-premise, legacy hardware for printing and print management.  

Leveraging its proprietary technology and approach, ezeep ensures all driver management and all print processing takes place in the cloud, enabling any device to print to any printer without needing onsite print servers, complicated network infrastructures, or complex printer environments.

Quocirca Cloud Printing Services Landscape, 2021, ISV Profile ThinPrint/ezeep

ezeep not only lowers costs and provides better scalability when it comes to printing, it also increases an organization’s flexibility by providing printing as a service for all platforms and devices. 

Even organizations with strong zero-trust initiatives, which are fueled by high profile security breaches combined with an explosion of remote workers, can utilize ezeep to manage secure printing. A mix of cloud technology and micro-appliances, which is unique to ezeep, makes this possible. 

ezeep supports all office printing requirements. ezeep enables print job rendering completely in the cloud, freeing IT departments from printer driver management, while the ezeep Hub, which builds a secure bridge between the ezeep cloud and a company’s print infrastructure, replaces costly and maintenance-intensive print servers. ezeep particularly stands out for its integration into the virtual desktop environment and its ezeep Hub appliance product that provides seamless and secure cloud printing for distributed environments.

Quocirca Cloud Printing Services Landscape, 2021, ISV Profile ThinPrint/ezeep

ezeep’s strong multi-factor authentication support, which is tied into existing authentication infrastructure, is as much expected from a cloud print provider as is the ability to allow printing in highly segmented networks. 

ezeep provides the state-of-the-art cloud printing platform for organizations looking for strength in all of these categories. Cloud-native, secure, high-performance printing for all printers and all devices independent of networks makes it the preferred choice. 

Quocirca Print Services Landscape, 2021 - Cover

The Quocirca Cloud Print Services Market Landscape, 2021 Excerpt

The Quocirca Cloud Print Services Landscape, 2021 Report Excerpt contains the results of a survey among IT managers with responsibility for printing in their organization. Download the Report Excerpt to see the details of the survey and read about the Quocirca’s evaluation of ezeep.