Remote Printing of Checks

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Financial Expert Burgher Haggard Can Continue to Print Checks Remotely Thanks to ezeep Blue

Burgher Haggard in Fort Worth Texas is a boutique professional services firm providing three core services: Financial Administration, Consolidated Reporting, and Consulting. They tailor their services to the needs of individuals, Family Offices, Non-Profits, Hedge and Private Equity Funds. The company structures its staff, technology and processes around generating useful financial reports which help the clients and their investors/shareholders understand what they own and how it’s performing.

During the Covid lockdown they adopted a hybrid work environment and chose to keep it after the restrictions were lifted. “We pay bills for our clients and needed the ability to control the locations where those checks are printed”, says Jay Robert, IT Manager at Burgher Haggard.

Before they had utilized a beta remote printing solution from Google in the beginning, but this Google cloud print solution was retired. So they needed to find a solution which allowed the company to continue to implement their hybrid-work strategy whilst avoiding service interruptions.

ezeep was able to deliver just this. Burgher Haggard originally purchased ezeep legacy and then made the change to the flagship product ezeep Blue. Thanks to ezeep Blue’s easy-to-use platform, easy setup and its ability to deliver reliable remote printing from any device, it was the perfect fit for their use case.

Jay Roberts: “ezeep Blue allows us to continue to utilize remote staff to process transactions and get the documents in the hands of those who physically process the workflow. Overall, I am very happy with the functionality of ezeep Blue. It´s more stable.”

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