Mobile Android Printing for Retail Outlets

Electronics Retail Chain Replaces PCs with Android Tablets and Prints with ezeep 

One of our customers, an electronics retail chain, wanted to replace its PCs in its more than 70 stores with tablets. Employees work in the store’s own Wi-Fi network and use cloud applications for their daily tasks. For security reasons, they have no connection to the internal corporate network. Employees only connect to their local Wi-Fi network. It’s clear that working with their tablets posed no problem, but the question arose of how should employees in the retail outlets print?

Mobile Android printing for retail outlets

One possibility was to use Wi-Fi printers in the stores. But these printers could not be managed from the head office and would mean that there would be no control over printing in the stores. Since managed printing was required, the company decided in favor of ezeep Blue.

The employees can now work with their Android devices without requiring a connection to headquarters yet still print to Brother and Canon devices with ezeep Blue. And headquarters still maintain full control over the printing process via the ezeep management console.

It’s also now far less complicated for both employees and customers alike. When a customer signs a phone contract, for example, an employee can enter and print all the data directly via a tablet. They no longer have to go to a PC workstation as before.

More than 1,000 employees at our customer now work on the go and print easily with ezeep. True mobility in action for the retail sector.

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