Choose ezeep Blue to Manage Your Zebra Label Printing

Our cloud-based platform provides an effective way for businesses to achieve consistent label printing when using Zebra printers with your key business applications, regardless of whether they are manually or automatically triggered.

For industries including logistics, retail, and others that frequently utilize label printing software, ezeep is able to draw upon years of experience and a close partnership with Zebra to enable printing from any location.

Key Benefits

Easily Manage a Zebra Label Printer in a Remote Location

With ezeep, remote Zebra printers can be easily managed with the ezeep Hub, eliminating the need for VPNs and on-site PCs or servers. The maintenance-free ezeep Hub appliance can be easily managed remotely and works out-of-the-box.

Seamless Label Printing for Web Apps

Whether it’s from a CRM, ERP, inventory management tool, shipment tracking, or product labeling app, ezeep Blue and Zebra provide a dependable cloud printing solution for label printing – regardless of where the printer is. And thanks to the ezeep Blue API and integrations with Zapier and Make, you can easily automate web app printing or label printing where desired.

Consistency and Customization for Business Operations

Strategies, such as Windows printer redirection can often be cumbersome and slow, while at other times Zebra printers may print blank labels or the label print may not print at all. Ensure labels are true-to-form and provide stable label printing, helping you to minimize interruptions in crucial business workflows.

Validated for ezeep Blue

ezeep Blue’s compatibility with Zebra printers is built on a foundation of thorough testing and validation by Zebra. This emphasizes the synergies between ezeep Blue and Zebra printers, as well as quality and reliability.

Wide Compatibility With Zebra Models

ezeep’s validation has been successfully tested and includes the models ZD420, ZQ521, ZD621, ZQ320, ZD621R, ZT411, and ZT230. These are representative samples from various series and aim to ensure a wider compatibility with the entire Zebra printer lineup.

Businesses Which Rely on ezeep Blue & Zebra

This industrial company uses ezeep Blue to automate label printing from SAP, storing labels in One Drive and printing them on Zebra printers through Zapier.

This large retailer with 2800 stores deploys ThinClients and ezeep Blue for reliable label printing and streamlined endpoint management

A retailer enhances warehouse label printing by eliminating cumbersome Windows redirection, offering staff a more efficient method to print their ZebraDesigner labels via their RDS sessions.

Zebra Validated Printers for ezeep Blue



The ZD420 is a thermal label printer known for its ease of use and quick cartridge-based ribbon loading system, commonly used for labeling in retail, healthcare, and manufacturing environments.
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Zebra 621 Printer
An evolution of Zebra’s proven GX Series and ZD500 printers, the ZD621 delivers next-generation, best-in-class features for professional printing applications in healthcare, retail, and various other industries.

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The ZQ320 is a compact mobile printer ideal for receipt and label printing in retail and hospitality environments, offering both indoor and outdoor models for versatile on-the-spot printing.

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Building on the capabilities of the ZD621, the ZD621R also incorporates RFID printing and encoding capabilities, making it suitable for advanced tracking and asset management tasks in retail, manufacturing, and healthcare.

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The ZT411 is an industrial thermal printer with a touchscreen interface, designed for medium-volume print tasks in manufacturing, transportation, and logistics, capable of printing labels, tags, and other media up to 4 inches wide.

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A durable industrial printer with a metal frame, the ZT230 is tailored for printing labels and tags in high-demand environments like warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants.

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Using different Zebra printers in your organization? ezeep Blue is compatible with a wide range of Zebra printers, and thanks to ezeep Blue’s cloud-rendering technology, many more Zebra printer drivers are hosted in the ezeep Blue cloud.