Mobile Android Printing for the Timber Trade   

Logo Holz Mayrhofer

Holz-Mayrhofer, a mid-sized, family-run company based in Bavaria, is one of the leading timber wholesalers in southern Germany. Founded in 1930, the company looks back on a more than 90-year history.   

In the company’s warehouse, employees use their Android smartphones and tablets to print consignment orders and other documents. This routine task is an important activity to ensure the smooth delivery of customer orders. Markus Farnhammer, responsible for IT administration says: “Due to the cancellation of Google Cloud Print, we had to look for an alternative. ezeep Blue was perfect.”  

Thanks to ezeep Blue, printing from mobile devices is possible, and printers are assigned by groups. This results in higher employee productivity, and printing is possible from anywhere, reports the IT specialist.   


Markus Farnhammer continues, “ezeep Blue is easy to set up and administer, is implemented quickly, and the printing service works flawlessly.”  

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