General Assembly

Organization name: General Assembly
Sector: Small to Medium Enterprise
Location: New York
ezeep Ambassador: Ben Elliott, Experience Coordinator
Cool fact: He formerly worked for tech production in theater companies.

About the company:

General Assembly is a young, quickly-scaling education company that aims to endow professionals with skills to secure jobs in technology. Digital innovation is moving at a faster pace than traditional universities can stay abreast of, and GA makes education uncomplicated, accessible and real-world. They provide three tiers of service:

  1. Immersive, intensive classes designed to turn their students into highly-functional programmers and user-interface designers
  2. Coworking space available at a reasonable rate for recent GA grads and other technology and creative professionals
  3. Public lectures for nighttime learning that follow a more traditional university-model educational experience

General Assembly’s target audience includes recent university graduates who feel they need more real-world experience to be of use to companies and corporations, people who want to shift gears in their career and enter the digital workforce, and senior-level professionals who want to feel the pulse of the times. While they began in New York, their classes are quickly popping-up in major cities around the world. They’re growing fast, and are challenged on a daily basis to keep up with the rapidly galloping paces.

Their biggest challenge:

It’s Ben Elliott’s job to ensure that every campus and every classroom lives-up to GA’s promise to provide an inspiring, awesome student experience. With so many fires to put out on a daily basis, ezeep prevents time-consuming printing problems from distracting his focus on what’s most important to GA–scaling and quality control.

What Ben has to say about ezeep:

Before, printing was a mess. Software issues. New hires. Reinstalling drivers. Right operating systems. Yada yada. It was a truly unhappy, needlessly time-consuming situation that has been rectified since using ezeep. When you’re adding staff at a fast clip, you have to develop streamlined processes rather than dealing with everything individually. When ezeep was first pitched to us, we were willing to try anything to find a solution for printing. Sure, it’s definitely not our main focus, but it’s also definitely important.

ezeep provides an amazing setup for remotely adding new people, saving time and energy that I can devote to taking care of my company. What’s it has done for our office culture is amazing. There is a huge difference between sending a quick email to setup a new person on our ezeep printing system and our old process of playing around with drivers, operating systems and troubleshooting for half-an-hour per-user and still ending up with an unsatisfactory results. It used to be a nightmare for us all. ezeep provides GA with a streamlined process, and we’re very happy about it.

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