Workspace Software Integration Map: Printing with Nexudus, Cobot, Habu, Optix & More

Here at ezeep, we’ve been moving many of our systems to the cloud for several years. And like many businesses out there trying to make the best decisions, one of the trickiest parts of the process is finding out which software will integrate with our existing systems. What works together, how much of it really works, and will it continue to work in the future? These are questions that virtually every coworking space has to face when choosing new solutions.

Workspace Software in the Cloud

The advantages of the cloud are indisputable, but the huge amount of solutions out there means that making the best decision for your space is not easy. Hector Kolonas, a workspace technologist has come to everyone’s aid with his integration map for workspace software.

The range of software available to help coworking spaces ranges from billing to inventory, managing operations, and of course printing. Hector began mapping out the integrations between the individual platforms. And his interactive map is useful not just to workspaces themselves, but also to developers like us here at ezeep.

Click to open a link to the map. You can simply move a software provider around to see what integrations are available
Click the image to open the map. You can simply move a workspace software around to see what integrations are available. Image taken from

As a coworking space operator though, the map gives you the possibility to appraise software offerings in the bigger picture and see what other services you could take advantage of. Better information always leads to better decisions. And with better decisions, flexible workspaces can in turn offer improved services to their members, more flexibility, and efficiency. All this comes together to lay the groundwork for future success.

Here at ezeep, we too are continuing to work on further and deeper integration with other workspace software providers. Hector’s map also gives us an insight into what solutions would work best for us in the future, and what joint offerings would bring the most advantages to space operators.

Workspace Software & Printing

ezeep legacy already integrates with leading coworking space management systems, and ezeep Blue – our new coworking platform, is hot on its heels with integrations too. You can take a look at how some integrations already work with ezeep legacy, such as with Nexudus, Cobot, Office RnD, essensys, andcards, Satellite Deskworks or Optix. They have all chosen to integrate with ezeep to take care of your print management needs.

We’ve also created our own handy guides to show you just how easy it is to integrate ezeep:

And you can find a full list of ezeep tutorials in our Knowlegde Base.

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