Accounting Firm Saves Time with Automated Report Printing Thanks to ezeep Blue

Whitfield and Associates help churches and ministries throughout the United States to take charge of their finances. Their job is to “clean house” by helping ministries get organized, get in compliance and take control of their finances. With the company’s help, churches cut redundancies in their workload, know exactly where their finances stand, and keep everything organized.

Manager Belinda Whitfield explained that she receives project status reports as PDFs via email. The staff then had to download the forms and print the documents.

Thanks to ezeep, the accounting firm has automated its printing process. They have routed the emails to their ezeep email account. The reports are then printed automatically and ready for the staff to pick them up when they arrive at work for the day.

Belinda summarizes by saying: “The process was easy to understand, and implementation was smooth. Our staff love the new workflow. This helps them save time.”