Fresh, Delicious Pastries Thanks to ezeep Blue

Fika Bakery is a wholesale bakery, with bakers working at night, drivers in the early morning and other staff coming in during the day. That means office staff must often send information to the bakery from their home office desk. With that dynamic work environment and a need for constant information exchange, the bakery required an effective print management solution.

Viv Craske, Director at Fika Bakery, recalls: “I assumed I could use a cloud service or app to hit ‘print’ at home, and the office printer would print. I soon found that wasn’t possible and Google’s cloud printing service was no longer available.”

Then he tried ezeep Blue in combination with an ezeep Hub. Now, the team can work from home and send daily production schedules to the bakery and daily delivery slips to the drivers without having to travel to the office every day or in the middle of the night.

Viv Craske continues about ezeep Blue: “Super simple UX, and a super helpful team.”

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