Print Servers or Direct IP Printing?

May 4, 2018

IT departments still spend a lot of time managing printers and dealing with print-related helpdesk calls. In general, companies have two concepts for delivering printing services. Either print servers are used, or companies turn to direct IP printing. There are arguments for both concepts. This white paper assists in making an informed decision that best meets your organization’s requirements. Read More

How the Cloud Solves your Printing Challenges

In regard to cloud services, cloud printing is one of the clearest money- and headache-saving use cases. Learn in our blogpost how cloud printing helps you reduce printing costs, speed up printing processes, simplify print management, and enable users to print directly from their mobile devices within a managed print infrastructure. Read More

Using cobot & ezeep

Our partner cobot developed an easy to use integration with ezeep. It allows the user management and print billing to be done in cobot while ezeep takes care of the print management. Read More

Now Available: Serverless Printing with ezeep Dash

February 2, 2018

From now, companies can completely or partially eliminate their print servers and manage their printer drivers completely in one easy-to-use portal. Read More

OfficeR&D and ezeep are working together to simplify printing in shared workspaces

OfficeR&D is our latest partner to employ synergies. We are looking forward to a strong partnership with OfficeR&D for the benefit of our coworking and shared space customers. Read More

ezeep at CU Asia 2018

Join us in February in the UNESCO World Heritage City of Penang, Malaysia! 250 coworking and innovation space operators from countries across the globe will gain exposure to a broad coworking business network during three days in Penang. As a Silver Sponsor, we are continuing our support for CU… Read More

Our Ho-ho-ho-holiday Printer is online

November 24, 2017

The holiday printer will be back in December. If you are interested in offering printing to guests, simply sign up here or… Read More

Why Doesn’t Printing Die?

Johannes Gutenberg, arguably the inventor of printing, would laugh at our efforts to try stopping printing. The paperless office was already proclaimed when I started in this industry 20 years ago and if we believe in statistics, we’re printing as much as we did back then. So why is it that printing doesn't die? Read More

How to make money with printing

Virtually every shared workspace offers printing to their members and guests. Not because it draws a crowd or sets your space apart from the one next door – it is simply expected. ezeep’s Cloud Service for printing shows you how you can make money with printing. Read More

Signing up for ezeep

ezeep is a service designed to minimize your burden with printing and print management in your organization. In this tutorial, our service team member Ross is showing you how easy it is to sign up for a new account. Read More

Configuring ezeep for the First Time

Follow our service team member Ross while he walks you through the basic configuration of a new ezeep account. Read More

Getting Started with Printing on Windows

You got an invite to ezeep in your mailbox and don't know what to do next? This video is for the first time user and walks you through the simple steps to start printing with ezeep. Read More

Getting Started with Printing on MacOS

You got an invite to ezeep in your mailbox and don't know what to do next? This video is for the first time user and walks you through the simple steps to start printing with ezeep. Read More

Buying Print Credits

Recouping printing costs with ezeep is easy. This short video shows how users can buy credits to be used for pay-per-page charging. Read More

How to Print Emails from iPhone and iPad

Our printing expert Ross walks shows us the few steps you need to know to print an email from your iPhone or iPad to any printer and not just AirPrint printers. Read More

Secure Printing with Print Later

Sometimes you need to print and you want to make sure that nobody else reads it until you get to the printer. "Print-Later" is the best way to do that. Watch this video to see how. Read More

Understanding the ezeep Dashboard and Reading Reports

Join our expert Ross for a brief explanation of the account Dashboard and the various print activity report you can download from it. Read More

Adding a New Printer

Occasionally your printer will change or a new printer will be added. This video shows you how simple it is to add a new printer to your ezeep portal and make it available to your users. Read More

Setting Quotas and per-Page Prices

This video shows how simple it is to set up print quotas and per-page fees with ezeep services. Read More

Installing the ThinPrint Cloud Extension for Chrome

If you have a Chrome device and need to print, this short tutorial video is for you. Learn how easy it is to install the extension and to print. Read More