ThinPrint Teaches ChatGPT to Print 

ezeep Blue’s GPT Builds a Bridge between Digital AI and the Real World

(BERLIN/DENVER, February 1, 2024) ThinPrint, a leader in innovative printing solutions, announces that a GPT for ezeep Blue is now available in the recently opened GPT Store. ezeep’s GPT enables artificial intelligence to create paper documents, taking a step into the real world. 

ezeep GPT
ezeep Blue GPT

Artificial intelligence and printing? At first glance, that sounds like two worlds that don’t fit together. But ezeep’s newly available GPT builds a bridge that connects the two worlds. The GPT for ezeep Blue turns ChatGPT into a printing expert. If you want to use the print feature, you simply need an ezeep account along with your ChatGPT Pro account, which you can set up for up to ten users for free. As ezeep connects to printers via the cloud, these printers can also be accessed outside the company and via the mobile ChatGPT app. 

With ezeep’s GPT, ChatGPT supports the user in selecting a suitable printer and informs them about the features of the printing devices. Depending on which printing features the user requires, the appropriate printer is offered. To print, it is also sufficient to simply describe the printer to ChatGPT via a prompt such as “Print (document URL) to our color printer.” 

Currently, ezeep Blue can print GPT documents that are accessible via a URL. As soon as ChatGPT makes it possible to transfer your own output to a GPT, further, completely new scenarios for automating and simplifying workflows will become possible. 

“Our GPT for ezeep Blue impressively demonstrates how printing can be integrated into completely new workflows thanks to ezeep Blue,” says Charlotte Künzell, CEO at ThinPrint, “In addition to integration into NoCode tools such as Zapier and Make as well as our ezeep.js, ezeep Blue’s GPT is the next milestone in the development of printing solutions.” 

Information about free ezeep accounts can be found here: ezeep Blue – Plans & Pricing – ezeep

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