Coworking Basel Offers Easy Printing to Coworkers

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Organization name: Coworking Basel
Sector: Coworking Spaces
Location: Basel
ezeep Ambassador: Martin Steinbach, Volunteer


Coworking Basel is an entity of Startup Academy. Startup Academy is a non-profit organization which offers startups a coaching program for up to two years providing beginner entrepreneurs support from mentors and experts which all work on a volunteer basis. In addition, Coworking Basel offers startups but also coworkers to participate in many events and trainings targeted to startups.

Company’s biggest challenge

As a non-profit organization with only two part-time employees, managing a coworking facility as well as offering coaching programs for startups is challenging. The time and labor intensive process of setting up printing on the devices of coworkers added additional demands on their time. Especially finding and downloading printer drivers onto the various operating systems was always a challenge for an organization without the luxury of having IT-experts on staff. Staying in control over print volume was the secondary goal to manage printing costs.


Coworking Basel decided to implement ezeep. The results were very positive and immediate. After just a few minutes the solution was configured and the account portal website could be used by employees to invite users to print. During the invite process, a quota for the number of pages a user may print free of charge is automatically applied. This quota as well as possible charges should it be exceeded are tracked and managed by ezeep. New users are asked to install the ezeep application on the devices they want to print from. By doing so all printers they are allowed to print to are automatically created and configured. The formerly time consuming and complicated process of setting up printers and installing printer drivers simply disappeared.

What Martin has to say:

For us it is the perfect solution. The feedback from our coworkers is without exception very positive!