Coworking Europe Podcast: How Is the Coworking Community Doing?

ezeep’s Christoph Hammer recently took part in the Coworking Europe podcast series. Together with Jean-Yves Huwart from, they took a closer look at how the coworking market is coping during the coronavirus crisis. Discussing ezeep’s insights into coworking activity as well as survey results, they imagine how the coworking market will evolve in the near to mid-term future. Another aspect they touch on is sustainability, and how printing can play a positive role.

On the Coworking Europe podcast, Christoph Hammer and Jean-Yves Huwart discuss how the coworking community is dealing with corona.

How Corona Impacted the Coworking Community in Europe and Beyond

Christoph Hammer is the ezeep product owner and a senior vice president. Having been closely involved with the coworking community for several years now, his insights are often sought after. In the podcast, he describes how the corona crisis has affected the coworking community, in many ways none of us could foresee even 6 months ago. Here at ezeep, we’ve been monitoring printing volumes among our coworking customers during this time. April was the lowest point with only 20% of normal printing volumes. But since then growth has started to pick up. There are also interesting differences between Europe and South America or Japan and the Philippines. All very much related to how that area is doing in terms of dealing with Corona.

Sustainability Is Here to Stay

Another area they talked about was sustainability. ezeep for example has partnered with to offset the entire CO2 footprint caused by all ezeep customers’ printing volumes. That’s in addition to using carbon-neutral hosting providers for our service. And while this is only a small step, it’s a step in the right direction. Something a lot more our planet deserves.

Looking to the Future…

So, coming together to solve our problems, big or small, has always been at the core of ezeep’s mission. Are you already fully open or looking to welcoming back your members soon? Then remember that taking care of your printing needs is what we do best. If you haven’t had a chance to take a closer look at ezeep, the free trial, or the online demo, now has never been a better time.