Coworking in Restaurants? How Restaurants Are Getting Their Slice of the Coworking Market

coworking in restaurants

From cooking to coworking… more restaurants are innovating in order to increase revenues.

Coworking has made us think very differently about how we work. Its innovative approach is even making inroads into how large corporations organize their workforces in order to drive productivity. And it’s this pioneering spirit that continues to drive the evolution of the coworking market. Over at which focuses on the food tech revolution, they took a closer look at how the restaurant and coworking scenes are coming together to better serve their respective customers.

A coworking spaces can be quite expensive for many individuals or small start-ups. Restaurants too, especially in global cities where coworking is prevalent find themselves in a cutthroat market. So, what do these two groups have in common and how can they work together?

High-end restaurants which often don’t have a lunch setting are coming to realize they have the seats and tables, high-end surroundings & great locations already available. Yet, during the course of the day, its mostly unused. So why not use the space creatively for coworking and drive revenue during the restaurant downtime until the early evening? With the infrastructure already in place, restaurants can charge a lot less for membership fees. And while it won’t be a pampered space with meeting rooms and around the clock access, the lower fees mean the coworking restaurant scene is opening up whole new segments of the market.

Read Jennifer Marston’s article over on the The Spoon and see how this trend is shaking up the restaurant industry from New York to Sydney and interesting, how sound is making all the difference. One thing a restaurant should keep in mind is printing and how to provide it without any headaches. For that though, you’ll have ezeep at your side.