Don’t Let Printing Soak Up Your IT Budget!

Printing is a seemingly outdated, expensive technology. It is however, necessary to connect different workflows, silos, groups of people, and through labels and barcodes connect physical objects like items in a warehouse, to digital processes.

In this 15 minute webinar we’ll cover where the majority of print related expenses occur and which techniques and technologies to use to reduce costs. Additionally, guidance such as using pre-set configurations to reduce paper and toner/ink use, and reducing administrative efforts to eliminating print servers and related costs will be included in this comprehensive overview.

What to Expect

  • Reliable and concise technical information
  • Easy to implement actionable tips and tricks
  • How to simplify print environments with tactics such as removing print servers
  • Insights into changing print settings for lower cost printing
  • Leveraging the cloud to reduce printing costs

Webinar Infos

Date: On-Demand

Speaker: Henning Volkmer, Technical Customer Advocate