Don’t Let Printing Want to Make You Rip Your Hair Out!

(Computer) Printing has been around for a long time and for all that time it has been incredibly useful yet rarely delights users or IT administrators who have to setup, maintain, and update print environments. Designed a while back, printing hasn’t become easier with the advent of Hybrid Work environments, applications moving to the cloud, or users using a larger variety of devices.

In 15 minutes we’ll cover some of the most common reasons why printing makes you want to rip your hair out and provide solutions on how to keep using the benefits of high quality reliable print outs without the hassle and expense typically associated with printing.

What to Expect

  • Reliable and concise technical information
  • Easy to implement actionable tips and tricks
  • Technical insights into why printing is so complex and difficult
  • Using the cloud to eliminate the difficult and unreliable elements of printing

Webinar Infos

Date: On-Demand

Speaker: Henning Volkmer, Technical Customer Advocate